Mission: To advance the mutual interests of, and deliver relevant benefits to, hardware and builders merchants through effective representation, education, market intelligence and networking opportunities.

The Executive Committee manages the business of the Association. It is empowered to formulate the policies, procedures and rules of the Association. It consists of not less than eight and not more than twelve members of the Association. It is limited to two members representing suppliers and manufacturers of hardware and allied commodities. Members serve a two-year term and elections are held (open to all paid-up members) to fill vacancies.

There are four Standing Committees:
1. Retailers and Merchants
2. Suppliers and Manufacturers
3. Member Services
4. The Hardware Show

The Executive Committee may appoint other committees from time to time.

Members are encouraged to sit on relevant committees and contribute to the Association’s mission of providing added value benefits to its membership.

Through its Officers and Executive Committee, HAI is managed by its members for its members. Member engagement and involvement is key to providing the most efficient and effective service for the industry.

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