Leadership and Communication Skills

This course is designed to introduce an individual into the world of supervision and leadership. It helps them to maximise their time by working to their strengths and gaining clarity on priorities. It examines the role they play in leading others and how to do that effectively while building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Location: Hardware Association Ireland, Blackchurch Business Park, Rathcoole, Dublin

Duration: Two days

Cost: HAI Members: €450; Non Members: €500

For queries about future Leadership and Communication Skills training please contact Aoife at aoife@hardwareassociation.ie or call 01 2980969.

The course was very well presented. Well done to all

DD Kerins, Ard Rí Marble

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this two-day workshops delegates will:

  • Identify their own personal leadership style
  • Explore different styles of leading others
  • Understand task management
  • Be able to execute effective delegation
  • Understand communication awareness and strategic motivation
  • Have the knowledge and skills to build stronger teams
  • Be armed with a new suite of discipline techniques

Course Content

Day 1

The role of the supervisor

  • Exploring your role: understanding your core responsibilities and opportunities
  • Defining your team and your circle of influence

Understanding what leadership is and the different leadership styles

  • What is leadership?
  • What makes a great leader?
  • Exploring positive leadership experiences
  • What are your current leadership strengths?
  • How to understand and appreciate the different styles of leadership
  • Knowing your style and what effects how you lead professionally and personally
  • Leading from your core values and the real values of the business
  • Being a servant leader: respecting others and helping them to give their best

Communication: how to build stronger teams

  • The power of good communication: How to craft what you do and say to have a consistently positive impact on others
  • How do your team communicate now? Exploring current communication issues and impact
  • Exploring ideas to build better communication within your team.
  • How to connect to build your influence
  • Connecting is all about others
  • Connecting is more skill than natural talent
  • How to connect on common ground

Motivation of others

  • People do what people see: how to consistently role model what you want others to do
  • Helping people see what success looks like in their role
  • Helping the team see and work to their strengths and acknowledge the strengths of others
  • The power of effective listening
  • Good leaders ask great questions: knowing how to get to the root of an issue before it becomes an issue
  • Being visible and available

Day 2

Making good decisions: What would Branson do?

  • Learning from great entrepreneurs: how to they treat time/money/relationships/business assets? Building greater respect and ownership of what matters to the business.
  • Becoming an intrapreneur: how you can work like an entrepreneur in the business and build a team of intrapreneurs.

Time management

Don’t manage time manage yourself: being clear and focused on the priorities within your role. Smart leaders understand that activity is not necessarily accomplishment

  • What is required of you?
  • What gives you the greatest return?
  • What brings the greatest reward?
  • How do you keep yourself accountable?
  • Who else can help keep you on track?

Getting tasks done

Task management and effective delegation: Understanding overall business priorities and making sure your team are clear about their daily role in:

  • Why they do what they do
  • How to work effectively & collaborate with others
  • How to bring new ideas
  • Their role in maintaining team harmony

“SMART” objective setting

  • What are SMART objectives?
  • Understanding where the team fit into overall business objectives
  • Good leaders do the difficult work of keeping things simple
  • How to set your own SMART objectives
  • Staying SMART: The role of consistency and accountability

Leading change

  • Understanding why people resist change
  • How to understand who needs more support around change
  • How to motivate people to embrace change

Discipline techniques

  • Exploring your discipline protocol: What is supposed to happen?
  • Exploring current discipline practices: what actually happens now?
  • Using SMART action planning to hold people accountable for their tasks and responsibilities.


  • Giving positive feedback: how to inspire people around their positive contribution
  • Giving negative feedback: how to help people learn from negative experiences

Who Should Attend?

This course is tailored to newly promoted or soon to be promoted Supervisors who have a responsibility for staff. This could include: Yard Supervisor, Trade Counter Supervisor, Showroom Supervisor, Office Supervisor, Department Managers, Transport Supervisors and Trainee Managers or Supervisors.


The content of the two workshops will be highly tailored to the specific needs and interests of the industry and will be delivered through a mix of methods including: Trainer introduction of key concepts delivered in short presentations using highly relevant and practical examples both on and offline, group/pair exercises exploring training topics, brainstorming sessions to work through real like scenarios and case studies, and opportunities for personal reflection on current challenges, approaches and practices.

About the Trainer

Noel Davidson is the Entrepreneurs Academy Director of Training specialising in leadership, communication skills, presentation skills and social media. Passionate about helping people build their influence with others, Noel has trained extensively in the USA under New York Times No. 1 best-selling author and leadership expert, John C. Maxwell.

Noel is certified by John Maxwell to deliver licensed training in the areas of Leadership and Communication on behalf of the Entrepreneurs Academy. Noels genuine desire to develop the skills of others is evident in his creative, engaging, inclusive and interactive style.

Also a seasoned MC and keynote speaker, Noel has presented at the TEDxNHH in Norway, as well as facilitating and speaking at many high profile events and award ceremonies throughout Ireland.

Noel has trained and coached thousands of Irish entrepreneurs and corporate clients over his career.

For queries about future Leadership and Communication Skills training please contact Aoife at aoife@hardwareassociation.ie or call 01 2980969.

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