Stock Control

Keeping accurate stock figures and ordering correct quantities of stock at the right price can be made easier – if you know how. This course is designed to help participants manage their stock and resulting costs more effectively.

Date: 3rd March, 2020

Location: Hardware Association Ireland, Blackchurch Business Park, Rathcoole, Dublin

Duration: One day

Cost: HAI Members: €210; Non Members: €270

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“Would highly recommend this course”

Robert White, Topline O'Connor

“Course very informative”

Benny Dudley, Ronayne Hire and Hardware Ltd

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, participants will:
• Develop an understanding of the Importance of Stock Control;
• Better understand the problems of having too little stock;
• Understand the damage to a business’s cashflow, of having too much stock;
• Be better able to identify ‘redundant’ or ‘obsolete’ stock;
• Develop and Maintain Good Stock Control Practices;
• Understand that everyone in the business, regardless of their level, can make a positive contribution in this area.

Course Content

  • How Much To Order
    Holding Adequate Stock
    Not holding enough stock
    When is it appropriate to order higher than normal quantities?
    Effect of Discounts
    Long Terms Agreements
    Lead times
  • Systems of Stock Control
    Basic Stock Cards
    Computer Systems
    A brief view of latest technology
  • Forecasting Demands
    Demand Patterns
    Seasonal Effects
    Obsolete, Redundant and Surplus Stocks
  • Stocktaking
    Reasons for Stocktaking
    Need for Accuracy
  • When to Order
    Safety Stocks & Re-Order Levels
    Stock turn – why it should be improved and the resulting affects

Who Should Attend

This Stock Control course is designed for staff at all levels in a business. A pre-course questionnaire is used to customise the course for the particular attendants and the trainer will focus on how each “can make a difference” in their day-to-day roles.


The trainer will use a number of classroom-based practical exercises including  “How many should be ordered”, using stock cards to set order quantities and stock turn improvement. This will be combined with shop-based exercises for participants to practice in their own time, along with discussions about the changes the group will make to their roles and to their business following the course.

About the trainer

Keith Harford’s experience extends to over 30 years’ involvement in business. Coming from a family Fishing Business, through the world of Retail, Keith was responsible for launching Ireland’s first Internet Grocery Shopping Service. Keith has also worked in the world of pharmacy, where he and his team managed up to 145 pharmacy outlets and properties.

Keith has an MBA from the University of Stirling and has associate expert professionals with whom he works on specific projects.He works with countless businesses across many sectors including Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturer/Producer, Import/Export, Logistics and Facilities Management.

To book your place please complete the form below. For more information please contact Aoife at or call 01 2980969.

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